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Google’s Mobile Search Results Now Highlight Mobile-Friendly Websites

Google has always strived to provide web users with the best possible search results and experience. With mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) fast becoming the preferred mode of Internet access, Google has naturally been placing a huge emphasis on user experience on mobile lately. Last week, Google officially announced on[…]

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Ready for Cross-border Ecommerce? A Checklist for Glocalization

Location, location, location – that’s the mantra of realtors everywhere to convey the number one factor in determining a property’s desirability. For cross-border online sales destinations, its glocalize, glocalize, glocalize. When it comes to international e-tailing, glocalization is arguably the most important factor for success. Glocalization for B2C Internet retailers is[…]

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Human Capital Management Goes “Glocal”

As we head into 2015, a growing number of large companies are focusing more than ever on a globally consistent Human Capital Management (HCM) experience. What’s driving this shift? It’s the increasing complexity of regulatory compliance. To keep pace with evolving payroll tax and labor laws across multiple states in[…]

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Becoming “Glocal” – Integrating Your Local Representatives in a Global Marketing Strategy

Acting as a Valuable Resource for Field Marketing Marketers are challenged today to deliver messages to customers relevant to their specific location at a point in time.  Global localization tailors products and services to users and consumers in local markets.  Maintaining relevancy to buying habits presents another requirement to this[…]

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